Mesha Mainor is a 4th generation native of District Three in Atlanta.  She lives in the home her grandfather and his brothers built over 70 years ago.  As a U.S. Navy “Seabee,” Mesha’s grandfather instilled family, truth, service, and leadership in her.  It is because of her grandfather and mother she states, that she has to step up to the plate and take ownership of leading her community.  She has been taught the rich history of the Westside District and wants to help District Three maintain its symbolism of African American greatness.

Mesha's on a MISSION to help communities succeed, grow, and establish themselves on an equal playing field with the rest of Atlanta!  The priorities District Three residents consider to be priorities:

1) Lead public safety initiatives, so residents feel secure walking in their neighborhoods and letting their children play outside.

2) Improve community awareness and communication, so residents' concerns are heard, and solutions provided timely.

3) Collaborate with businesses, charitable or nonprofit organizations, and government agencies to create economic opportunities for residents and small businesses.

4) Give residents the knowledge and access to community resources, human service programs, healthcare, and mental health options.

5) Housing challenges: fair tax assessments based on current and cumulative market indices; homelessness, affordability, and owner neglect when renting or abandoned

6) Poor collaboration and communication between City Hall, the Board of Education, and parents.

7) Historic Preservation of Atlanta’s Westside as a founding community by African Americans